Data Scientist

Job Description

Job Title Data Scientist

Position 1

Qualification Bachelors/Masters/PhD in Mathematics or Engineering disciplines with strong Mathematical and Statistics background

Location Chennai

Job Type Full Time

Years Of Experience 2+ years

Job Post Date 02 Feb, 2019

Selected candidate will be actively involved in ongoing research and development program in the area of foundry process/system optimization. 

•    Munging huge data sets spanning months of operations with a categorical output variable
•    Preparing reproducible methods for data-cleaning
•    Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in mixing or blending practices resulting in casting acceptance/rejection
•    Model building to predict casting rejections
•    Proto-typing in Python and other environments
•    Code documentation and coordination with production team for seamless deployment of developed algorithms
•    Report generation on the analysis and present to the management and deployment team

Skill set:
•    Experience and knowledge of analytical techniques
•    Descriptive and Inferential statistics
•    Perceptron to neural network based classifiers
•    Clustering algorithms like K-means, Fuzzy C-means and Hierarchical.
•    Linear, piece-wise linear and non-linear models in high-dimensional space
•    Variable selection and model validation practices 
•    Principal component analysis (PCA) for dimensionality reduction
•    Time-series analysis (desired but not essential)
•    Formulating optimization problems 

•    Python and packages including numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn
•    Working in Jupyter notebook environments, with packages like, Matplotlib, Bokeh for visualization
•    Optimization using CVXOPT and Ipopt (desired but not required)

Interested candidates can reach Gayathri-Sr. HR Executive @ 8695435355 /  Koushik - HR Executive @ 8695335355