Front Office Manager

Job Description

Job Title Front Office Manager

Position 1

Location Mettupalayam Rd

Job Type Full Time

Years Of Experience 5 years

Job Post Date 12 Mar, 2019

Job Summary :

As a Front Office Manager, you are the professional “manager” of the entire customer oriented service
process. You ensure smooth functioning of front office and back office sections. You set the standards
for customer support. You see every contact with the customers as a professional challenge and feel
responsible for the customer problems until they have been resolved. You are competent and trustworthy
and treat customers with respect and like a partner. Even during conflicts, you always value the
customer. In doing so, you are a competent interface between the customer and the workshop and make
a substantial contribution towards the economic success of the entire field of After Sales.

Qualification :

Diploma or graduate from any faculty. You are a colleague, helper, coordinator, director, and “diplomat”
for all relations with customers. Your feeling of responsibility is what drives you. You are authentic and
independent. Your pleasant appearance, persuasive skills, excellent communication, and confident
decision-making all set you apart.

Training & Experience :

  • Training in a commercial profession (or comparable training).
  • Initial training in Mercedes-Benz-specific workshop systems and processes by DIT.
  • Minimum 5 years of Experience in customer handling, interaction and customer support.
  • Adequate experience in Mercedes-Benz service operation or in comparable activity.
  • English and Regional language skills.