Machine Learning/Computer Vision

Job Description

Job Title Machine Learning/Computer Vision

Position 3

Location Cochin and Bangalore

Job Type Full Time

Years Of Experience 3-10 Years

Job Post Date 04 Feb, 2019

Required Skill Set :-

•             Electronics / Electrical / Computer Science Graduate / Post Graduate / PhD

•             3 - 10 years’ experience developing software for Computer Vision, Machine/Deep learning

•             Hands on with C, C++, Python, Linux, C#

•             Hands on with OpenCV, TensorFlow, Caffe, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL

•             Hands-on experience with internals of networks (CNN/, RNN,/ DNN, /BNN,/LSTM, SSD etc). Customization of NN and improving performance.

•             Experience with GPU/DSP/ISP/SoC architecture and system software.

•             Hands-on experience with one or more leading embedded SoC platforms (Nvidia, Qualcomm, NXP, Movidius etc.)

•             Good analytical and problem-solving skills

•             Knowledge of computer architecture

•             Can build prototypes leading to production worthy solutions

•             Contribution in research communities, publishing papers or participation in Github projects related to machine learning


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